Looking for FIFO Jobs in Western Australia?

KCA Site Services is the fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) recruitment specialist. We have strong, long-term working relationships with some of the largest mining, resources, and heavy industry clients in the state. We connect motivated workers with valuable FIFO jobs in Perth and across WA. View our current vacancies now. FIFO arrangements are ideal for people who want to work at remote mine locations without needing to relocate. There are roughly 60,000 FIFO staff working in mines across WA, with most people residing in Perth and around 10% flying in from other states. While FIFO work is not suited to everyone, remote workplace arrangements are associated with high compensation and workplace benefits. We help workers to find a FIFO job that suits their family and career aspirations.

What FIFO work opportunities are there?

Here is a list of typical FIFO jobs you see in WA:
  • Engineers
  • Boilermakers
  • Fitters
  • Dump truck drivers
  • Road train drivers
  • Heavy and light vehicle mechanics
  • Excavator operators
  • Mobile plant operators
  • Trades Assistants
  • Underground support crews
  • Diamond drillers
There are many more opportunities and we’re recruiting now.

We offer a broad range of mining jobs in Perth and across WA. We can help you to unlock valuable FIFO opportunities, from unskilled and graduate positions to experienced engineering, mechanical, and technical placements. If you’re looking for FIFO electrician jobs in WA or countless other opportunities, we are here to help. We have strong partnerships with resources and construction companies seeking experienced FIFO workers, and graduates.

Not just FIFO Mining jobs!

From FIFO cleaning, chef, and admin jobs, we offer access to numerous professional opportunities. From unskilled labour hire work to experienced engineering and management roles, a FIFO job helps you to benefit from high compensation and seamless career development.

We have a solid working knowledge of the resources sector and know what it takes to match the right people with the right FIFO positions. We have professional relationships with global mining firms, local development companies, oil and gas operations, manufacturing organisations, and other stakeholders across the resources sector.

The KCA Site Services recruitment advantage

Our recruitment agency has proven experience in the WA resources sector. We can help you to find immediate employment and long-term career opportunities. We invest in talent, believe in innovation, and offer tailored solutions to meet the changing needs of the resources industry.

Our FIFO recruitment service is based on innovation and community values. Our company culture is based on continuous improvement, smart technology systems, robust safety standards, and efficient business processes. We provide valuable employment opportunities to local residents, jobs for people with no experience, graduates and females.

FAQs about Western Australian jobs in FIFO

How much can FIFO workers make in WA?

If you want to start a career in the mining industry as a FIFO worker, entry level jobs pay an average of $86,000 based on a 44-hour working week. This is $30,000 higher than other graduate salaries, with experienced employees likely to make more depending on the nature of the position and the level of experience.

How do I get a FIFO mining job in WA?

To get a FIFO mining job in WA, it is important to contact an experienced recruitment agency. KCA Site Services specialises in connecting motivated workers with mining companies across WA. We can help you to access FIFO employment, from labour and entry level graduate jobs to management and engineering positions.

If you’re looking for full time, part time or casual FIFO jobs in Perth and Western Australia, KCA Site Services is here to help. Please email our team or call 1300 143 947 to get started.

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