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Mining, Civil and Project services

Built by miners and construction workers, KCA Site Services is a Perth-based mining and civil services agency that understands the business you’re in.

Western Australia is the national mining hub and KCA Site Services, with its company-wide industry experience, leads the site services sector. Big enough to work on a large scale but adaptable enough to taper our offering to your circumstances, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering on our promises.

Providing mining, civil and construction services, we tailor for both businesses seeking workers and equipment, as well as individuals looking for work. What you receive is industry-leading knowledge and passion – we know the industry’s pressures, expectations, and finer details.

As mining and construction evolve, we continue to develop innovative solutions to embrace and mitigate challenges. If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for us; we aim to provide immediate help and create prosperous long-term partnerships.

Do you need Equipment or personnel? Are you looking for work yourself? Here at KCA, we have you covered.

Our Services

Our Values

Innovation and adaptability in service delivery. We’re driven by continuous improvement, with zero complacencies within safety, systems, processes and quality assurance. Nothing static, everything challenged.

Improvement not only in business but in the welfare of the communities and environments we interact with. From employment opportunities for locals and Indigenous Australians to caring for the environment through pollution prevention and the preservation of cultural heritage. We pride ourselves on our involvement and support of community-based initiatives.

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