Social Responsibility Policy

1. Purpose

All employees are expected to follow our code of conduct detailed in the KCA Employee Handbook and should avoid offending, participating in serious disputes, and disrupting our workplace. We also expect them to foster a well-organised, respectful, and collaborative environment.

2. Scope

KCA Site Services and its employees are committed to adhering to corporate social responsibility standard and guidelines.

3. Policy Elements

3.1 Social Responsibility

KCA Site Services and its employees are committed to adhering to corporate social responsibility standard and guidelines.

3.1.1 Looking after Customer

We aim to build long term and meaningful relationships with our customer and stakeholders, ensuring we fully understand objectives, meet requirements, and exceed expectations. We aim to provide consistent quality and reliability and uphold the highest professional and ethical standard. We are committed to open, honest, and transparent communication and interactions with our customers. 

3.1.2 Suppliers’ Standards

We aim to create and maintain strong relationships with our suppliers. Our procurement process ensures that we choose suppliers who share our values and ethos in relation to our business operations.

3.1.3 Health and Safety

We are committed to providing a safe and health working environment for all our employees and contractors and to promoting a health and safety culture of the highest standards. We are committed to ensuring that our employees are happy and healthy at work. This commitment extends to our relationships with our suppliers and customers.

3.1.4 Protecting the Environment

We commit to reducing our environmental impact by encouraging greener transport, recycling where possible, working with suppliers and contractors who share the same environmental values as ourselves, and by ensuring compliance with all appropriate legislation.

3.1.5 Community Engagement

We aim to enhance our contribution to the community by being sensitive to the needs of local people and groups, and by promoting ethical and socially responsible trading. 

As a business, we are doing our bit to support local communities by:

  • Making monetary donations to local charities, youth groups and community centres
  • Supporting local charities by donating time (i.e., staff participation in volunteering days)
  • Supporting the surrounding community by employing local people and giving opportunities to young people from our local communities via apprenticeships and work experience.

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